Mystic Living Today – Bringing Love and Light to the World

December 10, 2014

Mystic Living Today – Bringing Love and Light to the World.

Waverley Abbey

October 27, 2013

Waverley Abbey

Feel the ancient ruin energy….


October 21, 2013


Man in the wave

Signs of Ascension by Isabella Stoloff-OC Shaman

August 14, 2013

You will notice you are ascending when you no longer complain about your life. When you stop friends from gossiping or notice that old friends are either changing right along side you or falling away. 

“How can I tell all the healing work I have done is working?”


When you look in the mirror do you still find fault with yourself or do you smile and love your body just the way it is. Have you changed the way you speak about yourself? Are you living in fear or feeling victimized? Have you finally realized that each moment is a gift? Do you dance through the house doing the mundane day to day chores feeling joy in every fiber of your being?

 What do you think when you look at the bills or your bank account?

 Do you stress over things you cannot change?

 Here’s a little secret. No matter how much money you have YOU ARE ALIVE and tomorrow is another day. 

Live the way you would if you had all the money in the world.

Clear the closets clear the clutter and live with what you truly need to be HAPPY. Make a list of what you REALLY need. Then put everything else on craigslist. Make money out of the storage unit you pay on every month.

Once you clear this clutter, the clutter of your mind will follow suit.

When your mind is FREE you will have the ability to create…create…CREATE!

Once you begin to create, magic will happen. You will remember who you are and why you are here.

Until the next time my friends….BE the LIGHT you wish to SEE in the WORLD!!!

 Isabella Stoloff is the founder of the Orange County Healing Center and a Shaman of the light. Her one-on-one healings leave you feeling clear, calm and focused. To learn more about Isabella and watch her videos visit, http://www.ochealingcenter.comImage

Shaman Workshop

July 15, 2013

Shaman Workshop

Create an Abundant life. Join me July 27th 11-3pm for this incredible workshop. Many of us have issue from the past that still plaque us today. I have create ceremony and writing exercises that assist you in releasing all that no longer serves you, so you can create an abundant life. Learn more at

Undress your Mind

July 12, 2013

My father Victor Stoloff, once directed a movie entitled 300-Year Weekend. It was about a therapy group together in a room for a whole weekend.  The poster read, “Undress your mind”.  I was too young to see the film, but the saying always stuck with me.

What does it mean, to undress your mind?  For me it means to step away from the mind chatter, the endless suffering we are all so addicted to, this mind of ours that has been told what to do, and what to think, who to vote for, and what to eat. This mind of ours that replays a scenario over and over, thinking of ways we could have done something better, this perpetual state of needless thought, thoughts that no longer serve us.  When was the last time someone asked you how you truly felt about something, or what you really thought?  It is time to take our power back, the power of our thoughts.  We have the control, it is actually the only thing we do have full control of; our minds.  Since we do then why don’t we begin by using creative thought to manifest the best life ever for ourselves, and our families?

My life has been an extremely interesting one.  I spent the first 20 years as a wounded warrior, and the past 20 years as a seeker of truth.  During the last 5 years my life has taken a turn I would never have expected.  I am now a Shaman energy healer, and just finished writing my life story.  My mind has been freed, I have released the role of victim, and I teach others to step outside of time, and release thoughts that have held them back, so they can find the beauty in their lives.  We exist in an abundant universe one with access to all we could possibly hope for, so why not allow it to serve us?

Can you imagine if our parents had taught us how powerful our words were, or that our thoughts were things?  Oh the lives we could have created!  Well guess what?  It’s not too late!  It’s never too late.  Start today, right this very minute.  Anything you think that is not in alignment with your true self, toss out.  Trust your intuition, as it will always serve you.  You know better then anyone else what is right for you.

If we can choose our thoughts, and we can, then what are we choosing?  What are we saying to ourselves, or about ourselves on a daily bases?  Are we being kind, supportive, loving? Or are we tearing down our beings?  We can be so hard on ourselves.   Are we complaining about the economy and how little we have?  Or are we grateful for every moment?   Do you have any idea how powerful your mind is?  Allow it to work for you, instead of against you.

I work with all different types of people, from many different religious backgrounds.  It does not matter where you come from, all that matters is that you feel this shift that is happening, and stay positive through out it.  It is not the end of the world.  It is just the end of what we have been brought up to believe, it is the end of fear, it is the end of separation.  It is a time of oneness.  We have so much support right now, all we need do is believe, believe in yourself, and believe in whomever you see as Creator.  See it in the trees, see it in the animals, see it in the stars, see it in yourself.  We have tremendous access to this universal power, and the more you trust it, the more you will have access to it.

Begin by honoring yourself, and the planet you walk on. Make a space in your home that reminds you to trust.  Creating sacred space and ceremonies can be as simple as lighting a candle and some incense, or gathering around a fire with friends to release the old and embrace the new.  Talk to other like-minded people about the concept of undressing your mind, and how to create constant positive thoughts.  My parents were visionaries.  I see them as my unsung heroes, for they made me who I am today.  A woman with an open mind, and heart filled with love. I know my love heals.  So does yours.

I believe we teach that which we need to learn the most.  One of my greatest lessons has been to love myself, and to notice my thoughts.   In the past when I would think negative thoughts my life became challenging, and I would become very hard on myself.  Now that I am in the flow my positive thoughts bring me freedom and joy.  Today I am manifesting faster then ever before, and my clients are as well. I am able to assist them in clearing old ways of thinking so they can make the shift with ease and grace.  Many of them experience tremendous positive change in a very short amount of time. All of them have grown, and have more control over their thought patterns, and in turn over their lives.

If you are ready to step out the old way of thinking and create a new path for positive thoughts, then I encourage you to find a practitioner you connect with, and change your world.  We are living in an amazing time, a time of change, a time of choice, a time of, undressing the mind.

I am available for one-on-one healing sessions at the Orange County Healing Center in Fullerton, or over the phone.  I look foreword to assisting you and your families heal at the deepest level.

Remember your words + thoughts + feelings = your reality, so what kind of life are you creating?

Shaman Isabella Stoloff



June 28, 2013


Summer Solstice 2013. One of the things missing in our society is ceremony. Let us come together and honor the earth and ourselves. We are the light. Gather in love and teach consciousness.

Hello world!

March 31, 2010

So here I sit finally doing a blog that the world can read, rather than my blog on my site that is really just excerpts from the book I am writing about my life story. This whole blogging thing has been something I have wanted to do but was unsure how until today…funny how things just pop up at just the right moment.

A bit about me…I am a Shaman-Teacher-Spiritual Guide. I take peopel on spiritual journeys to Peru and the Amazon Jungle.

Now, this is all new to me. I never thought I would call myself a healer. I had all these ideas about what that would mean in my life and I wanted no part of it. Guess what? That which you resist comes to you the strongest. Have you ever found that to be true?

Life is filled with contradictions. It is what we do with those contractions that make us who we are.

I have had quite a life. Read my so-called “blog” on my site and see what I mean….

What I know for sure it I am being divinely guided. My whole life has lead me to this point. Now I know I can dream my world into being, and so can you.

This blog will encourage & support you in creating a moment by moment beautiful existence. Our lives are what we make them.

Sometimes you may read this blog and think…”what is she talking about?” Just bear with me. I promise if  you follow my suggestions you will feel better.

At this time will can all vibrate at the highest frequency possible. It is our choice whether we want to stay stuck or move forward.

I am all about moving forward….do you want to as well?

Now we keep on hearing about how our thoughts become things, but it is truly how our thoughts make us feel that is important.

When my daughter was 4 or 5 & having a tough morning I would tell her she could choose to feel differently or go to school feeling upset, the choice was hers. I would say, “Well if you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning why don’t you just change your mind and get up on the other side?” She got it …children are quick. She would change the way she felt and have terrific day! We can all do that anytime we want  . The one thing we all have is the power of our mind.